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Implemented features in Phenomenalog v.19.0.1, numbered to facilitate  further discussion): 
* 1) Freeware 

* 2) Cross-platform for Windows, Mac (and Linux ,,,still not fully implemented)

* 3) Automation of time indexing, 

* 4) Feature of searching , backwards and forwards 

* 5) Feature of parsing, -producing a file of all timeindexed lines (with n lines before n lines after) where a word or a glyph appeared in the accumulated diary 

* 6) Integration with calendar (for fast access to previous days in accumulated day-cards – for swift brief quoting to calendar –and for reminders, to be quoted on opening a specific later day) 

* 7) Integration with address book, (with search function) 

* 8) Options for quoting to and from the diary 

* 9) Options for easy assembling time-stamped notes/quotes in a large number of separate accumulating thematic fields - be it symptoms, promises, books read, films seen, passwords and pin-codes to be remembered, relatives, collaborators etc 

* 10) Option for printing text of any accumulated thematic field 

* 11) Options to print full diary text from single day or span of days 

* 12) Option to supplement text-entries with entries of pictograms (Glyphs) for recurrent typicality’s of situations, actions and events in everyday life, as a kind of shorthand, 

* 13) Option for personally selecting which pictograms from an expanding library of glyphs user finds it worth to use screen space for on his/her intra-personal dialogue –scene. 

* 14) Options for user to alter and redesign the interface 

* 15) That diary automatically - for each day - accumulates a row in a table of data from 

a) daily counts of use of selected glyphs (e.g. medicine, alcohol, cigarette,) 
b) typed physiological data (e.g. blood pressure, weight, temperature) 
c) typed word-described symptoms or other cue words: e.g. weather. 
* 16) The option for user to create links (for single days- or permanently) to any file, folder or program/application in the laptop. (Use of such links automatically to be indicated in the diary to make the personal information-handling more transparent in its time-perspectives). 

* 17) Functionalities for email by clicking e-mail address and for visiting homepages by clicking it, on namecards within ones own virtual address book 

* 18) Inclusion of browser functionality enabling user to accumulate and organize Internet bookmarks in 2D and 2 ½ D cognitive maps. (Use of such links also automatically to be indicated in the diary) 

* 19) Accumulation of a single, daily growing, Journal htm.file, containing the content of diary text of consecutive days 

* 20) A superordinate metacognitive field/file, permitting time indexed quotes from any previous daycard and reflective comments 

* 21) An option for any user to publish a clone of the program as designed for a chosen target-group, e.g. pre-distribution of most relevant glyph-buttons, hiding unnecessary features for that group and naming thematic fields for the expected needs of that group. 

* 22) An option for any user to offer and cooperate on developing a translation of the user-interface to other languages. 

* 23) An option for any user to suggest/co-design new glyphs, found to be missing 

* 24) A forum, accessible to all users, to discuss their experience, problems met, and ideas for improvement. 

* 25) A “Hide-button” which immediately empties the screen for any trace of the diary, except its shortcut on the bottom panel,
 meaning that its use can alternate with all other uses of the computer, while quickly hidden, if others approach to inspect the laptop screen. 

* 26) A retro option to insert text&glyphs to earlier times same day, - to the extent user cares to detail the chronology of the day

* 27) An annotation option , enabling time-indexed reflection/commentary to be inserted after any line in the diary

* 28) Supplementary backgrounds, one click away, for logical distribution of glyphbuttons on backgrounds like: virtual body, virtual home, virtual garden, virtual neighbourhood, virtual workplace etc.---

* 29) One thematic field is constructed as a (resortable) table: The personal treasure of usernames, accountnumbers, accesscodes, passwords & pincodes

* 30): Options for updating the count of cigarettes, drinks & medicine

* 31) Option for suspending the time-indexing, - usefull when user wants to compose a letter, a poem, a response to a discussion etc

* 32) Automatic saving at user defined intervals

* 33) Option for extensive hiding unwanted fields and functions

* 34) Automatic backups for last three complete diary savings

* 35) Installers for normal windows, 10inch windows and Mac

* 36) Mindmapping option         

      Desired further features of Phenomenalog:

* 50) Programming the installer download process, so the number of downloads can be counted, and e-mail address of downloaders are obtained

* 52) Installer for Linux

* 53) Option to view the accumulated data-table ( 15 a+b) as differently colored curves in weekly, monthly and annual perspectives

* 54) Expansion and design-improvements of the glyph-library of typicalities from the present app. 450 to at least a couple of thousands. If we could find some designer educations , where such a project could fit in, one or two class - semesters should easily reach that goal, and be a nice way to combine teachers professionalism with student work, - and copyfree product.

* 55)
* 56) Translation of user-interface to other languages: arabic, danish, french, german,spanish, japanese, chinese.

* 57) Adaptation of the address-book to report and enable Skype calls directly from telephone numbers in address-book

* 58) Optional time-indexed sound recording of vocal remarks and conversation storage

* 59) Optional time-indexed phone-dialogue storage.

* 60) Prototyping a cigarette lighter, for wireless triggering of time indexed input of numbered cigaretglyphs

* 61) Option for telemedical input

* 62) Option for synchronizing diary on laptop with mobile extension–e.g. iPhone 3GS

* 63) Option for timeindexed glyph and text annotation to zoomable virtual home ( 2Dà3Dà QTVR)

* 63) Option for timeindexed glyph and text annotation to zoomable virtual body ( 2Dà3Dà QTVR)

*64) Optional time-indexed links to personal photos automatically retroactively inserted in the diary for the day,when photo was taken